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Riyadah Center for Training and Development

Science and knowledge have a huge revolution in many fields of knowledge, which makes keeping up with the knowledge development cycle a major challenge. So, training is very important as a main support to develop the level of individuals and organizations, contributing in excellence and high quality performance in light of these changes.

Therefore, Riyadah Center for Training and Development was established to provide training in both Directions: qualifying training of fresh trainees and developmental training of managers who aspire to improve their career. At Riyadah Center, we pledged to transfer our expertise to others, using experts with qualifications and practical experience in work field and in teaching to make our training practicable and appropriate to the needs of current and future market.

Through our Center, we endeavor to develop a footprint in the field of training and developing human resources for all entities, companies, organizations and individuals in accordance with certain training plans to provide a distinct training service that combines the needs of labor market and any updates in the field of training programs and global conferences.

Our staff includes a group of experts who are interested in the issues of human development and provision of specialize professional services. They are academically highly qualified and have extended and outstanding practical experience. we aspire, in the first place, to be "partners in success" for each client, providing distinct training industry through creating knowledge and practical connection channels with our valued customers. The diligence and relentless pursuit of excellence in providing training, advisory, executive and other services is what drives us always towards development and modernization paths to reach the highest levels of performance.

Our Mission

Preparing and developing administrative leaderships and developing the Arabic organizations to reach a high degree of excellence in service performance.

Our Vision

We seek to be a regional success model in management and leadership development.

Our Values

  1. Good care of our customers.
  2. Care of our employees.
  3. Development of management and leadership thought.
  4. Team work.
  5. Promotion of the principles of justice, honesty, truthfulness, tolerance, transparency and mutual respect at work.

Principles we believe in.

  • Training is a great message that contributes to reviving the nation.
  • Respect for human mind by ensuring service quality.
  • Customers being our focus and care.
  • Attracting the best experts in the field of training and consulting.
  • Staff being a partner in making success.
  • Working as a team and family with professional standards.
  • Going with our activity towards wide and renewed horizons in work.

Our Goals

  1. Developing the efficiency of Arabic administrative system for business organizations in public and private sectors.
  2. Promoting the efficiency of human resources, preparing them as leaders, and developing their administrative knowledge, skills and abilities.
  3. Preparing specialized management and leadership cadres in their respective fields.
  4. Management innovation and provision of distinct high quality training.
  5. Preparing and implementing training programs and courses, workshops, seminars, meetings and conferences in order to develop human resources.
  6. Identifying training needs and improving the continued performance.
  7. Raising the level of administrative development in the Arab world.
  8. Improving the quality of civil service in Arab countries.

What do we offer?

Training Services

Riyadah Center for Training and Development is an advanced training center and the end result of a number of efforts and an investment in specialized expertise in studying, identifying and meeting professional and training needs required for labor market. The establishment of our center may have come in response to the changes in needs and growing demands on trained experts who are scientifically, technically, and practically qualified.

The mission of Riyadah Center for Training and Development is to meet the needs to knowledge development, and develop skills and capacities of individuals and institutions through our services of education, training, consulting and supporting administrative services. The purpose of establishing Riyadah Center for Training and Development is to meet labor market needs to trained and qualified experts and cadres. The center seeks to achieve this purpose by meeting basic needs of education, rehabilitation and preparation of modern humans in the fields of computer, languages, administrative and financial sciences, management, and engineering and technology sciences, as well as oil engineering so that they would be able to get jobs and improve their standard of living.

Our center pays a great attention to all elements of the training process, and spares no effort for the success of its strategy. It provide its clients with:

  • Super training rooms in the finest luxury five-star hotels.
  • Distinguished experts in their specialties.
  • Ultra full training bags.
  • Enormous capabilities including display aids and leading workshop organization powers.
  • Huge diversity of training programs: topics, dates, and places.
  • Proven leadership in providing new ideas and training programs.
  • Comprehensive training packages in all areas.
  • Professional advice, and experience integration packages.
  • Special relationship with our customers and our visitors.

Consultation Services

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Executive Services

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Translation Services

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